Selection of the best-fit major is the most crucial step for all study abroad aspirants. Many international prospects tend to jump on the trend bandwagon and choose programs without any proper research and then end up regretting their hasty decision.

Read on further for some thoughtful guidance that will help you make an educated decision for a bright future.

Before diving deep into the topic, let's understand these common higher education terminologies:


The main subject of any degree program is called a major. It has many courses, and students will graduate with a degree in a particular major. For instance: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Public Health, and Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Geomatics. Program and majors are often used synonymously.


Secondary subjects that complement major subjects are known as minors. It includes 8-10 courses that could be relevant or non-relevant to the major.


Options are the subjects specifically available in the home faculty. Such as, students in the Faculty of Engineering are eligible to opt for engineering options. An option has eight to six courses that provide depth to a particular degree.


Specializations are highly-specific to the major subjects. It includes four to seven closely related courses to the major. For example, only students majoring in business can choose finance or management informatics systems.

How to Select a Major?

The selection of a major is purely a matter of personal interest and motivation. International prospects can opt for courses that  pique their curiosity and interest. 

Pro Tip: While selecting a major subject, consider the following factors:

  1. Proficiency: Your basic knowledge and core concepts about the subject
  2. Curiosity: While reading or learning any specific subject, do you feel curious about its future projections and implications? 
  3. Rouse: Does the particular subject motivate you for further exploration?
  4. Grades: Which subject do you have good scores in school/college? 

After a detailed evaluation of the above questions, you can easily find your best major subject(s).

Graduate School and Major

After high school, every student must select a major for their grad school or college. A few colleges offer counseling programs for new students that suggest best-fit majors to them. However, international aspirants can also sign up for free counseling through educational portals like WooStudy. It is an AI-powered ed-tech platform that not only provides counseling services but connects students with their perfect-matched colleges/universities within a few clicks! Therefore, leverage advanced edtech technologies and select your major after expert counseling.

Professions and Majors

For highly professional programs like engineering, medical, computing, etc., students need to select specific majors that comply with their desired professions. However, numerous majors allow aspirants to enter a diverse job market after graduation. Such as, a degree in Liberal Arts might lead to jobs ranging from advertising and administration to web development. So, except for some specific subjects, students have multiple employability choices in numerous majors.

5 best majors for 2023

Engineering, medicine, law, and information technology are the highest in-demand programs. Other than these, here are the five most popular study-abroad majors for 2023:

1. Environmental Studies


Environmental imbalance and sustainability issues are intrinsically global. Environmental studies offer coursework with new approaches to preserve the planet and perspectives to conserve energy and improve local/regional sustainability. 

Recommended programs: 

  • Environmental Science and Policy 
  • Geography and GeoInformation Science (GIS)

2. Business


Business is evolving with technological advancement, and the field has high scope in the future. Thus, getting an international degree with a business major will open new horizons for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Recommended programs: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Business
  • International Business & Humanities Semester Program

3. Foreign Language


Foreign language majors are always highly demanded in the job market. Many foreign offices need translators, transcribers, and content creators who must know different languages. So earning a foreign language degree will strengthen your resume and expand your international employability opportunities.

Recommended programs: 

Some famous foreign language programs include; Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

4. Cultural studies


Cultural studies are substantial and help students understand the perspective of diverse ethnicities and gender groups. It educates prospects to view and strategize effective social policies for the most vulnerable social groups.

Recommended programs:

  • Associate in Arts Degree - Ethnic Studies

5. Digital Marketing, PR, and Advertising


Marketing is an ever-green field that has highly evolved with time. From conventional marketing to advanced digital strategies, the scope is in high demand worldwide. It complements numerous professions, such as broadcasting, journalism, social media, and print media.

Recommended programs:

  • Marketing, BSBA
  • Associate in Science Degree - Sales and Promotion


Choosing the appropriate major is an important step when you're deciding to study abroad. While making this choice, it is important to consider the subsequent career opportunities in that particular subject, especially in the country you're deciding to move to. Additionally, it's crucial to take into account your personal aptitude for and interest in that specific field.

The aforementioned details include information on the five popular majors that are not only well-liked abroad but also provide a variety of employment options. These include Environmental studies, Business studies, Cultural studies, study of Foreign Languages, and Marketing. One or more of these are sure to catch your eye!